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Fun as F%!&

Our groups are small and each experience has been designed to give you an authentic feel of the city, like meeting up with friends who are dying to show you what’s good in town.

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Socially conscious

People are the greatest part of every city, We work with local businesses and families to boost economy in our neighborhoods and keep our communities strong.

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Curated by locals

You know that one guy who knows all the best spots in the city? The go-to for recommendations, who knows all the hot spots and discovers the hidden gems before anyone else? Yeah, that’s gonna be your guide.

Meet your local experts

All of our tours and experiences are curated and guided by friendly locals who love their cities. We work with some of the most interesting foodies, artists, and explorers to create authentic cultural encounters. You’ll feel like you’re visiting friends in a new city.

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If you:
Love your city
Are the one people go to for recommendations
Walk everywhere (seriously, sometimes people even tease you for it)
Love meeting new people
Speak a couple languages (including English)

Sounds like you could have a really cool job

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