Chocolate tour quito a life changing tasting menu

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1 Hour

A gourmet Ecuadorian chocolate experience

1 Hour, Day tour

What you'll do

An exclusive gastronomical experience made to discover Ecuadorian cacao, the finest and most ancient in the world. Guests are treated to a multi-course tasting in an elite restaurant, while learning about the rich history of cacao and its uses. With a constantly changing and innovative tasting menu, each encounter is unique, sure to amaze even the most well-travelled palates. It’s the culinary highlight of a trip, or even, a lifetime.

What's the plan

what to expect
  • Meet up at starting point
  • Short walk to the restaurant
  • Chocolate experience

What's included

whats included
  • Bilingual Guide (Eng./Spa.)
  • Bilingual chef (Eng./Spa.)
  • Gourmet chocolate lunch and dessert
  • Cocktails, wine and coffee

What to bring

what to bring
  • Walking Shoes
  • Sunblock/hat
  • Discrete Apparel
  • Sweater/rain coat

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1 Hour

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Believe the hype

This chocolate tour was the highlight of my trip! The bombones Quito we tasted were exquisite, and each bite was a delightful experience. The guide provided fascinating insights into the history and production of Ecuadorian cacao. Highly recommended!

Emily S, 35 years old

The cacao tour was an unforgettable experience. We were treated to a multi-course chocolate tasting that went beyond anything I've ever tried. The quality of the chocolate and the rich history shared by our guide made this tour exceptional.

Brian W, 40 years old

If you're looking for a chocolate tour Quito, this is the one to choose. The innovative tasting menu and the elite restaurant setting made it a unique and luxurious experience. Learning about the uses of Ecuadorian cacao was both educational and delicious.

Angela D, 27 years old

This chocolate tour is a must-do for any chocolate lover. The multi-course tasting was incredible, and the guide's knowledge of Ecuadorian cacao added depth to the experience. Perfect for those wanting to go beyond the typical tourist activities.

Robert F, 38 years old

The tour de chocolate was an elite gastronomical experience. The tasting menu was constantly changing and innovative, making each course a new adventure. The history of cacao shared during the tour was fascinating and enriched the overall experience.

Hannah M, 29 years old

The chocolate tasting Quito offered on this tour was phenomenal. Each course was carefully crafted, and the flavors were extraordinary. The guide's storytelling about Ecuadorian cacao made the experience even more special. A must-try for anyone visiting Quito.

Olivia H, 26 years old

Delving deeper

You can buy Pacari chocolate at various locations in Quito, including specialty shops, supermarkets, and direct from the Pacari store. Popular places include the Pacari flagship store, Quicentro Shopping Mall, and artisanal markets like La Mariscal. You can also find Pacari chocolate in many gift shops and some upscale hotels.